Led Light Snap Frames

From open spaces to offices our LED Snap Frames dispense consistent light perfectly so backlit posters stand out

£ 22.14 Turnaround: 5 working days Plus VAT

Buy the frame and poster complete or just a replacement poster.

Whether have a cafe, club, shop, office or social space, our LED Snap Frames to make your advertising literally catch the light.

Our LED Snap Frames come complete with a backlit poster (ideal for letting the light through), their own power source, a thin, stylish snap frame and an anti-glare cover. This means posters can be changed regularly and easily.

There are small holes at the back of the frame to make it easy to hang either landscape or portrait. Our Snap Frames don't require any specialist tools to hang.

LED lights use significantly less energy and last longer than traditional fluorescent tubes offering up to 50,000 hours of light. There is even a switch on the side of the frame so that you can just leave it plugged in at the power source and switch off at the frame when required.


Finished Size A1, A1 or A3
Material 200gsm Backlit Film

Artwork Requirements

Resolution 150 dpi minimum
Format PDF
Colour CMYK
Fonts Outlined or Embedded
Additional Allow quiet borders of at least 10mm so that your design doesn't get obscured by the frame